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Item Title Author
DQ Floods Week Before Walk Morning Star Gali
Sunday Night at DQ 2-10-08 Brita Brookes
La Peña Benefit Show 2-10-08 Morning Star Gali
Alcatraz Ferry Ride 2-11-08 Brita Brookes
Alcatraz Photos Lenny Foster
Alcatraz Sunrise Ceremony Beginning 2-11-08 Brita Brookes
Alcatraz Sunrise Ceremony Ending 2-11-08 Brita Brookes
Alcatraz and UC Berkeley Events 2-11-08 Klee Benally
Dinner at DQ 2-11-08 Brita Brookes
Kickoff Rally 2-12-08 Brita Brookes
Press Conference at the Capitol 2-12-08 Morning Star Gali
Pictures from Sacramento Rally 2-12-08 Saeed Khazaie and Florent Trouillas
The First Steps of the Walk 2-12-08 Brita Brookes
Southern Walk Camp - Three Rivers Lodge 2-14-08 Brita Brookes
South Route Pictures 2-15-08 Brita Brookes
Inspirational Photos 2-15-08 Brita Brookes
Dinner at Baha'i Faith Center 2-15-08 Brita Brookes
Three Rivers for Two Days 2-15-08 Brita Brookes
Southern Walkers head towards Sunrise Ranch 2-16-08 Brita Brookes
Random Acts of Kindness Abound 2-16-08 Brita Brookes
North walk--South Lake Tahoe 2-16-08 Morning Star Gali
Native Youth Join the South Walk 2-16-08 Brita Brookes
Mini Pow Wow Breaks out at Sunset 2-16-08 Brita Brookes
Handshakes and Hugs on Southern Walk 2-16-08 Brita Brookes
Passing on Tradition through Song and Dance 2-16-08 Brita Brookes
Logistics Review for Southern Walkers 2-17-08 Brita Brookes
North Route Cave Rock 02-17-08 Morning Star Gali
Takeo's Photos of South Route 2-16 and 2-17-08 Takeo Koshikawa
Carson City North Route Wedding 2-18-08 Morning Star Gali
North Route Carson City 2-18-08 Morning Star Gali
Joel Davidson South Route Album Joel Davidson
Aquarelle's South Route Photos Aquarelle
North Route in Silver Springs 2-20-08 Morning Star Gali
South Route at 40 Acres 2-23-08 Kathleen Epperson
South Route Delano to Wasco 2-24-08 Michael Rumble
South Route-Bakersfield Photos 2-26-08 Monique Simmer
Last day at Bakersfield 2-27-08 Michael Rumble
Arriving at La Paz-Keen 2-28-08 Michael Rumble
Sunrise prayer and assent to Caesar Chavez Meditation Cave Michael Rumble
More on the mountain Michael Rumble
Walkers at La Paz 2-29-08 Michael Rumble
South Route Leaving La Paz Michael Rumble
Tehachapi to Apple Valley 3-2-08 Morning Star Gali
South Route Apple Valley Photos 3-3-08 Morning Star Gali
South Route in Joshua Tree 3-4-08 Eva Soltes
South Route 3-3 and 3-4-08 Takeo Koshikawa
Julie Hernandez LW Photos Julie Hernandez
South Route Arrives at Fort Mojave Lettie Irons Connell
Faces of the Longest Walk Esther James
AVI to Davis Camp Michael Rumble
Pictures from Bakersfield Annie Ortega
Longest Walk Photos Feb. 11-12 Esther James
Longest Walk Photos Feb. 13-14 Esther James
Longest Walk Photos Feb. 15 Esther James
Longest Walk Photos Feb. 16 Esther James
Longest Walk Photos Feb. 19-20 Esther James
Nik Jardin Photos from South Route Nik jardin
Dale Kindness Photo Album Dale Kindness
Clint Carmichael Photo Album Clint Carmichael
South Route--Flagstaff, AZ Lettie Irons Connell
North Route: Denver March 26 Morning Star Gali
South Route Flagstaff Photos Jennifer Pond
South Route: Flagstaff Mar. 26-28 Takeo Koshikawa
North Route: Jorael Elliott Photo Album Jorael Elliott
North Route: Pueblo, Colorado Mar. 25-26 Morning Star Gali
Twin Routes Meet in Flagstaff Morning Star Gali
South Route: Star School--Leupp, AZ Mar. 28 Morning Star Gali
South Route Enters DIné Nations Mar. 29 Morning Star Gali
South Route: March 29 at the Diné Rez Border Calvin Johnson
South Route: Canyon De Chelly Megan O. Ross
South Route : Dilcon to Window Rock Lenny Foster
South Route: Window Rock, Diné Nations Calvin Johnson
South Route: Window Rock Gourd Dance April 5 Mihio Manus
South Route: Best of Havasupai--Color Saeed Khazaie
South Route: Best of Havasupai--B & W Saeed Khazaie
North Route: Larry Foster Photo Album Larry Foster
South Route: April 18--Eagle Nest to Cimarron Unknown
South Route: April 19--Cimarron to Raton Unknown
South Route: Albuquerque Cami Smith
South Route: April 22-23 Bonita Eaglefawn Leonard
South Route: April 26-28 Yaynicut
Roman Becerra Photo Album Roman Becerra
Julien Jacobs Photo Album Julien Jacobs
South Route: South Texas AIM Lends a Hand Web Steward
South Route: Poteau, OK-- Mother's Day Cathy Thompson
North Route: Under the Arch in St. Louis Ron Mann
North Route: Three Months Journey, from Sacramento to Illinois Fanua J. Borodzicz
Roman Becerra Photo Album 2 Roman Becerra
Mariposa's Photo Album Mariposa
Kia and Sabrina's Photos Kia and Sabrina
North Route: Lee East Photo Album Lee East
Longest Walk Sacred Runners Blaze Through Indiana 5-24-08 Brita Brookes
South Route : Houma Nation, May 24-25 Adriano Buckskin and Mari
South Route: New Orleans Photos Takeo Koshikawa
South Route: Donaldsonville to New Orleans Julie Hernandez
North Route: Sunday Rest Day and Pow Wow 5-25 Brita Brookes
North Route: May 26 Brita Brookes
North Route: Longest Walk Ohio 5-27-08 Brita Brookes
South Route: Houma, LA Pictures Ashlee Jacobsen
South Route: Adriano Buckskin Photo Album Adriano Buckskin and Mari
Lisa Garrigues Photo Album Lisa Garrigues
Margaret Morin Photo Album Margaret Morin
South Route: Alabama Mari
South Route: Houma, LA Kristen Shellenberg
North Route: Lenny Foster St. Louis Photos Lenny Foster
Big Thank You to Rumsey Rancheria Crystal
South Route: Virginia Photos Mari
South Route: Alabama Photos Mark and Amber Davis
Longest Walk DC Photos Longest Walk
South Route:6/27/08 Virgina at Occonochee State Park Mari
South Route : Chocktaw Nation Photos Margaret Morin
Rebecca's North Route Photos Rebecca aka Ice Cream
South Route: Pictures from Northern Virginia Mari
Custer Surrounded! Michigan Walkers on way to DC!!!!! Brita Brookes
Longest Walk Michigan Photos Robert Geroux
Longest Walk Reaches DC Brita Brookes
Longest Walk Photos by Liz Perillat Liz Perillat
Longest Walk Arrives in DC Takeo Koshikawa
Longest Walk Photos by Kazu Haga Kazu Haga
Len Foster's DC Photos Len Foster

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