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Memorial Services for Mucaw Jefferson E-mail


Friends and relatives,

The family of Lewis “Mucaw” Jefferson would like to invite you to join them to a memorial service for Mucaw Jefferson on Thursday-Friday, November 26-27, 2009, at Ft. Yuma Indian Reservation.

There will be space available for camping. Those who can come early can set up camp on Wednesday, Nov. 25. The service will commence at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday and end at sunrise on Friday morning. Please bring your own camping equipment. We will provide food for the day of the service.

For more information please contact Mucaw’s grandfather, Preston J. Arrow-weed at 928.388.9456. You may also contact the family by mail at P. O. Box 160, Bard, CA 92222. Donations can be mailed here as well.


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